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MABG Food is a company providing a wide range of Frozen Food products in Myanmar. Our goal is to provide premium quality Frozen Food products at affordable prices. With the support from our supplier in Malaysia, we can ensure that our products are of the best quality using the finest ingredients.

For the past 18 years, these products had penetrated the market in many countries including United States, China, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Our customers include collegeaus, universities, hospitals, chains restaurant, convenient stores, wet markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, steamboat restaurants and wholesale frozen food markets.

Our Vision is to to provide the whole of Myanmar with the best quality Frozen Food products at competitive prices. 

halal certified and ISO standards

The bulk of our products have obtained the Halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), which is globally recognised. Halal certification requires that our entire processing line do not contain items or ingredients that are forbidden to Muslims by Islamic law, including the equipment and ingredients used in making the products. The certification also ensure a hygienic and safe production process.

Our supplier has also achieved the ISO 22000 standards, which ensure that our products are safe and reliable.

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